Top 7 Secret Whatsapp Tips and Tricks Part -1

Hello friend, In this article we’ll know top 7 secret Whatsapp tips and tricks now a days Whatsapp is one of most popular messaging platform and more than one billion people are using Whatsapp 

Top 7 Secret Whatsapp Tips and Tricks Part -1

The application allows the user to sending of text messages and voice calls, as well as video calls, images and other media, documents, and user location. The application runs from a mobile device though it is also accessible from desktop or laptop computers

Tricks 1: Using more than one Whatsapp in one Mobile device: Yes you can use unlimited number of whatsapp parallelly in a single mobile. For this you would have to download one app called MoChat from Google Play Store


Note: Please remember while using two or more Whatsapp on same mobile will decrease your mobile performance

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Tricks 2: Hide seen message (double blue tick): Whenever you see/read the message it does get double blue tics, it means you’ve read the message who have sent to you. Don’t worry you can hide this from your side! To deactivate this feature you need to go setting and use as below-

Long Press Chat -> Open Menu->Mark as Unread

Tricks 3: How to open other/own whatsapp on desktop or Laptop:

Step 1: To open your whatsapp on computer first you need to put the below web link in your computer browser

Web Url: https://web.whatsapp.com/

After opening your browser by using above web address you’ll see the QR code like below-

whasapp on web 1

Step 2: Now open your Whatsapp in mobile, at the top-right you’ll see three dot dot symbol you need to press it and select the the option “WhatsApp web” from drop-down menu option like below-

whatsapp on web 2

Now finally enjoy your Whatsapp on your computer screen

Tricks 4: To save the Intenate data:  If your whatsapp downloading all the video and images and your internate data is wasting, you can prevent this through setting option. To do this go to setting and data storage usage and try to customize it

Setting-> Data and Storage Usage -> Media Auto-Download

Whatsaap tricks 1a

Whatsaap tricks 1b

Whatsaap tricks 1c

Whatsaap tricks 1d

Note: You may apply above options based on your requirement

Tricks 5: To hide Profile Picture: From Whatsapp setting you can customize your profile picture too. To do this please follow the below steps-

Setting -> Account ->Privacy ->Profile photo

whatsapp 2a

whatsapp 2b

whatsapp 2c

Note: You may choose above options based your requirement and you can hide and show your profile picture

Tricks 6: Adding chat shortcut:

If you’re facing hassle to open and close your whatsapp every time, you can create chat shortcut for your closed friends as well

Chats ->Specific Chat -> Menu ->More ->Add shortcut or Chat ->Press and Hold Individual Chat ->Menu ->Add Chat Shortcut

Tricks 7: Backup your messages: During formatting or resetting your mobile you loss your all Whatsapp messages. To outcome this situation Whatsapp having one great feature of backup data in your google drive. To do this go to setting -> Chats -> Chats back up.

msg backup 1

msg backup 2

At there you’ll asked to put your working email id and press start to backup your all messages. Hope this article will help you & Thank you for reading.

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Hello friends, this is Madan S a computer techie blogger and love to write computer tips and tricks for Beginners!


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