Top 7 Best Screen Lock App for Android Mobile

Hello Friends, In this post we’ll know Top 7 Best Screen Lock App for Android Mobile which are having amazing features for the android user.

Top 7 Best Screen Lock App for Android Mobile 

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1. CM Locker-Security Lock-screen: This is one of most using app for screen lock in an android mobile. This app provides the following feature like-

Intruder Selfie: The app snap the picture of intruder who enters the wrong PIN and the picture of intruder will be sent to your provided email instantly.

Anti-Theft protection:  This can help you to locate your lost phone, remotely lock it and enable it siren.

Not only this it’s having many more feature like Personalization, Notification reminder, Weather forecast, Camera shortcut etc.

CM locker

2. GO Locker – theme & Wallpaper: This is highly recommended screen lock app which provides security, stability and compatibility, as a result of this it’s having more than 50 Million downloads. Apart from this it provides a vast number of unlocking style, iPhone style, android style, cleaning the running app to boost up memory.

 GO locker

3. Ultra Lock: This app provide PIN and Pattern options to lock your installed application in mobile. If anyone try to access your mobile and if he/she put wrong pin the auto image will capture of that person.

Ultra lock-1


Apart from PIN and Pattern the app provides the following lock options like-

Hours and Minute PIN

Date and Month PIN

Hours and Date PIN

Hours and Month PIN

Battery and Hours PIN

and so on, based on this you can set your pin and secure your mobile device from unauthorised access.


Ultra lock 05

4. Solo Locker: This app having features like allowing you to lock your phone with photos, You can use a photo as part of phone’s passcode, You can use cute or cool cartoon pictures as your passcode, Notifier, music player and app quick start.

Solo locker

5. Screen Lock – HD Wallpaper & Funny Lock Screen App: The main features of this lock are-Intruder selfie, Girl wallpaper & screen lock, Broken glass prank screen lock, Screen lock & unlock methods, notification etc.

Screen lock

6. Keypad Lock Screen: This lock provides lock screen with droplets water and high security, prevent accessing your phone without password, show state of mobile as network, WiFi, battery, multiple wallpaper and you can set your own wallpaper from your phone gallery.

Keypad lock screen


7. 3D Lock – Lock Screen Theme& Security: The app provides 3D lock with stylish lock screen theme and several cool way to unlock your mobile, also it’s having feature like personalise clock theme, Rich unlock methods, HD wallpaper etc.


3D Lock

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