Top 23 Secret Keyboard Combination in Windows 10

Hello Friends, In this post we’ll learn top 23 Secret Keyboard Combination in windows 10 along with Windows key to operate fast and become gentle. Windows 10 has a bunch of new features that bring new keyboard shortcuts, The Windows logo key which is also known as Windows key, start key, logo key, flag key, super key, command key, flag or home

Top 23 Secret Keyboard Combination in Windows 10

 windows 10

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Now let starts the top 23 Secret Keyboard Combination in Windows 10

      1. WIN= Show start menu

      2. WIN+A = To access ‘Action Center’ panel at right side of desktop.

      3. WIN+B= to selection of notification area at bottom-right

      4. WIN+CTRL+B= New message in notification area.

      5. WIN+C= Charm bar

      6. Win+D= to minimize of all the open windows immediately (to see the desktop)

      7. Win+E= to access windows explorer

      8. Win+F=Open search bar to find folder or file in your pc (or feedback )

      9. WIN+CTRL+F= to find computers

      10. WIN+G: 

            For win 7/vista= show all the gadgets to the foreground

            For win 10=It opens the game bar

      11. WIN+K=New connection menu. For example: to connect printer, project etc

      12. WIN+L=Lock the computer Or Switch to different account

      13. WIN+M=Minimize all windows

      14. WIN+Shift+M= To restore all the windows

      15. WIN+O=Lock your device orientation

      16. WIN+P=switch for projector, monitor or etc

      17. WIN+Q=All installed app chart

      18. WIN+R=To open run dialog box to open your program

      19. WIN+T=To focus text bar

      20. WIN+U=To open utility manager folder

      21. WIN+W=to open windows ink workspace

      22. WIN+X=To open windows mobile application setting

      23. WIN+Y=To open yahoo messenger if it installed

     It’s good practice for computer user to use the shortcut key. Thank you.


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