Top 12 Computer Tips and Tricks for beginners you should know this

Hello Friends, We’ll know Top 12 computer Tips and Tricks for beginners you should know this to sharp your skills and enhance your life with computer stuff


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Top 12 Computer Tips and Tricks for beginners you should know this

1. To create notepad in chrome, Copy + Paste the code in browser:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>
Chrome notepad
2. To open your closed tab (chrome browser)
    Solution: Press CTRL+SHIFT+T. Your closed tab will remain open

3. Getting hidden themes in windows 7

    Solution: Open your windows explorer->Type ‘theme’ in Search box. You will

    get all the hidden themes in your computers

4.  Google timer: Type google timer in your browser

google timer


5. To see your all open task in windows. For example-Windows explorer, browser, game, paint etc.

Solution: Use Windows + Tab key. You can easily get access of your work place


6. To see your Google Chrome task manager use- Shift + Esc key

google task manager

7. Want to take screenshot of your running video in VLC media player

    Solution: Use the shortcut key for screenshot- Shift + S


8. To rotate your screen in all directions

    Solution: Press CTRL+ALT along with UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT key, your screen will rotate in respective directions

9. Convert your video into Gif


Image Source: https://gifs.com/

10. Android Device Manager (Find My Device) by Google

Have you lost your mobile device and personal data? Now don’t worry about your personal data, Google brings a solution for your mobile data. Application ‘Find My Device’ helps you easily locate your lost Android device, and keeps your information safe. You can do the following things by using Find My Device-
1. Locate your phone, tablet or watch
2. Play a sound or ring
3. Lock, erase data or show a message

google device manage

Download link for pc: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.adm&hl=en

For Android mobile– Open your Play Store’ and types ‘find my device’ or ‘Google device manager’ and do the primary setup by using your email

11. To go one word back or forward use CTRL + LEFT or RIGHT Arrow key

12. YouTube tips and tricks:


To control the YouTube videos use the following key and see the magic-

  • ‘K & Space’ key=to pause/play the current video
  • J = to go 10sec back
  • L = to go 10sec forward
  • M = to mute the voice
  • F = for full screen
  • Esc = restore the screen from full screen
  • Back arrow key = to go video 5sec back
  • Forward arrow key = to go video 5sec forward
  • Up arrow key = to increase the sound
  • Down arrow key = to decrease the sound

These are the 12 windows tips and tricks. Hope this will help you.


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