Secret Keyboard Combination in Windows 7 with function key Part-1

Learn Secret Keyboard Combination in Windows 7 with function key,  Keyboard shortcuts can make it easier to interact with your computer, saving you time and effort as you work with your computer. The following table contains keyboard shortcuts that use the function key that’s are ease of remember these keyboard combination

Keyboard Combination in Windows 7 with function key Part-1


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A full list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7, including shortcuts for rename, maximize, minimize, and more.

F1= to Display Help

F2= to rename or edit.

F3= To Move the cursor to the search box

F4= To Display the address bar list in Windows Explorer

F5= To Refresh find results Or, to Refresh the note list

F6= To Toggle between a note list and a note

F7= To Select Oct in Programmer mode

F10= Display the Options menu Or, Activate the menu bar in the active program Or, Display key tips

F11= View a note in full-screen mode Or, Maximize or minimize the active window

F12= Save the picture as a new file


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