Reset your windows 10 password using windows DVD or Pen drive

Hello Friends, This post will show you how to Reset your windows 10 Password using Windows setup DVD or Pen drive. For this you should have windows 10 installation media in DVD or pen drive. Please follow the step by step procedure –

Reset your windows 10 Password using Windows setup DVD or Pen drive

Step 1. First reboot your PC and press your boot setup key (Note: It may be different key for different computer brand)

Step 2: Select media device i.e. CD ROM or Pendrive.


Useful link: Secret Keyboard Combination in Windows 7 with function key Part-1

Step 3. Now your windows installation will display like this, press ‘Next’ button

win 10-installation

Step 4. Press the button ‘repair your computer


Step 5. Select the Troubleshoot option

Select the Troubleshoot option

Step 6. Select the command prompt optionwindows 10 command prompt

Step 7. Now you’re on command prompt window then type like below-


>list volume 

windows 10-diskpart

It will display all the volume list like C, D, E, just find in which volume windows has installed (please remember this as you’ll have to put in next step) and type exit command on prompt


Leaving Diskpart…

8. Now navigate the system partition, suppose in my case it is ‘C’ Partition, type-



(Navigate the system32 to rename the existing file)

Step 7: Type ‘system32’ to enter in this folder

C:\> cd windows\system32

C:\Windows\System32>move utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak

    1 file(s) moved.

C:\Windows\System32>copy cmd.exe utilman.exe (Now we’re replacing utility manager…)

  1 file(s) copied

C:\Windows\System32>wpeutil reboot (to restart the PC)

Now after rebooting your PC click the button ‘ease of access’ (at bottom-right) to open command prompt and type-


C:\Windows\system32>net user

windows 10 netuser

C:\Windows\system32>net user “name of the account” *

Note: Don’t forget to add ‘*’ at the end

Step 8: It will ask to put the password

Type a password for the user: (leave it blank)

Retype the password to confirm: (leave it blank)

press enter

The command completed successfully


Now you can login to your PC without password.

But here one more thing we have to rename the utill.exe file, so please follow the next step

9. Reboot the PC and now select windows installation media


Step 10: Click ‘Next’ and Select ‘repair your computer

Step 11: Select ‘troubleshoot

Select the Troubleshoot option

Step 12: Select command prompt

Now we need to navigate the system folder


C:\>cd windows\system32

C:\>windows\System32>move utilman.exe.bak utilman.exe

replace utilman

Put- ‘All’

  1 file(s) moved.

C:\Windows\Sysytem32>wpeutil reboot

Now your PC would restart and you are able to login without the password. Thank you.

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Hello friends, this is Madan S a computer techie blogger and love to write computer tips and tricks for Beginners!

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