Most Secret Mobile Lock for Android User You Must Use

Hello Friends, In this post we’ll learn one of most secret Mobile lock for Android user and you must use it to make your device more secure. 

The most important functionality of this app is if anyone who try to access your Mobile and if he/she put the wrong PIN, the automatic image will capture by this application also it has many more security features Now let’s start one by one-

Most Secret Mobile Lock for Android User You Must Use

To download open Google play store and download the application named “Ultra Lock” see the below screenshot for this app-

Ultra lock 01

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After installing the app it will look like below highlight icon

Ultra lock 02

To set the lock you open the application and the functionality will be like this –

Ultra lock 09

At first it will ask you to put the pin and you need to set the lock pin, after putting your pin the screen may have like below one –

Ultra lock 03 setting

Now press the Settings from top-right three dots, it will display all the available options, You may see the first option is PIN, second-one is pattern, these two options are common.

The secret things in this application are – Hours And Minutes PIN, Date And Month PIN, Minute And Date PIN…….Date And Hours PIN, Month And Hours PIN…Battery And Battery PIN, Battery And Minute PIN options and so on. 

In the first and second options you can put your 4 digits pin or Pattern as usual like mobile lock, We’ll talk about remaining options to make useful for the beginners user-

Ultra lock 04

The 3rd option is “Hours And Minutes PIN” for this or all other remaining options you should follow the below screenshot as a reference

For instance: If You’ve set the option “Hours And Minutes PIN” then your secret pin will be 11:40 as your current time in Mobile.

Ultra lock Main window

Note: Use above screenshot for reference image


Ultra lock 05


Ultra lock 06

If you’ve the set the option “Minutes And Date PIN” then your secret PIN will be 40:18 i.e your current minute is 40 and date is 18


Ultra lock 07

Suppose you’ve the set the option “Hours And Date  PIN” then your secret PIN will be 11:18 i.e your current hours is 11 and date is 18

Ultra lock 08

likewise you’ve the set option “Battery And Minute  PIN” then your secret PIN will be 99:40 i.e your current battery charged percentage is 99 and minute is 40 and so on.

If you’ve any query in this please feel free to ask through the comment box, Thank You.

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