How to make pdf file password protected online free

Hello friends, In this post we’ll learn how to make PDF file password protected online free, by doing this your PDF file will be protected from unauthorised access and your data will secure too. There are lots of online websites are available to do this, and yes we’ll go through one of simple website

How to make pdf file password protected online free

Web Url: https://smallpdf.com/protect-pdf

Just type above web address or copy-paste in your browser you’ll see like below screenshot-

pdf protected 2

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Now please follow the step by step guide:

Step 1: First you need one PDF file, you don’t have PDF file ? don’t worry you can create it through ms office 2010 or higher version

Step 2: You may upload/drag the PDF file through choose file option, Not only this you may upload via google drive or Dropbox this option is also present

Step 3: Now you’ll be asked to put password for your PDF like like below screenshot

pdf protected 3

Note: Please remember your PDF file password otherwise it won’t open

Step 4: After putting password click the option ‘Encrypt Pdf’, It will take few second depends on internate speed and here your protected file is ready to download or you can share it through Google drive or Dropbox like below screenshot

pdf protected 4

Step 5: Now open your PDF file as soon as you open it you’ll asked to put your password like below

final pdf protected

And you’ll be able to see/read your PDF file, Hope this post will help you. If you have any query please feel free to ask through comment box, Thank you reading!


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