Creating an invisible folder on desktop in windows 7

Hello Friends, Creating an invisible folder in windows 7 is not a big stuff , Please follow the steps for making an invisible folder on desktop by using you can hide your data with unauthorised access:

Creating an invisible folder on desktop in windows 7

1. Create a new folder on Desktop:

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2. Now search “Character map”, using start windows:

3. Choose a blank box (U+2008: Punctuation Space i.e. 7th from left) then Select it and copy it.

4. Now rename the folder (i.e. no word) which is on desktop and use CTRL+V

5. Go to folder, Right click-> Properties-> Customize->Change icon to blank and click ‘OK’ now your folder is invisible

6. Since you know the folder position on desktop when you click on it the windows explorer will be open like below:


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