Best YouTube Secret for beginners You should know Part-1

In this article we’ll know the best YouTube Secret that every computer beginners should know this

Best YouTube Secret for beginners You should know Part-1

1. To make YouTube colorful Type the word “doge meme” and hit enter your YouTube text will be displayed colorful. Please see the working screenshot

colorful YouTube


2. Link to any part of video – You may start any video at specific time. For this you can do it by three way which is as below-

A.Go to the end of URL and add&t=1m22s

or, &start=30

For example URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5rEqjOeKp0&t=1m22s

youtube time 1

You may share the YouTube video to any social media at specific starting time by using the ‘Share’ button-

youtube share

B. Scroll Techniques – Use the mouse pointer and scroll left or right depends on your requirement

youtube time 02

C. Copy video URL at current time – To do this ‘right click’ on your YourTube video and use the option “Copy video URL at current time”

youtube time 03


3. To get subscribed updation typeurl/feed/subscriptions

For example: https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions

-You’ll able to get the latest video updation from your subscribed channel

4. To make the video in loop

Right click and select ‘Loop’ option the video will play in loop i.e. it will be played from beginning

youtube loop

or Right click-> Stats for nerds

youtube nerds

5. to make gif video format

Link:  http://www.gifyoutube.com

It would be transferred to another website there you can add special effect and other stuffs


6. TranscriptIt provides all the spoken word into text in that video

Go to …More->Transcript

youtube transcript


7. Youtube tv

URL: http://www.youtube.com/tv

8. Video Statistics: To see the video statistics go to – More->Statistics option, You’ll get the details like- Views, Time watched, Subscriptions driven and shares details

youtube statitics


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