Best Learning Languages App You Must Try

Hello Friends, In this post we will know one of the best learning language app for all types of people around the world. A great tool, like an assistant teacher who is taking care of you.

Best Learning Languages App You Must Try

No matter what language you’re learning, this is a proper app to use. I have gone through so many tools, This is by far the best language learning app. Download the app from Google play store as screenshot shown below-

Memrise download

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You can learn by clicking the correct words when you see or hear them in Russian, Spanish, French you can watch videos of native Russian, Spanish, French speakers and even chat to a pretend person (robot) over text.

Key Features of this app are:

  • The best thing with this app is that it has by far the most languages on the market so, depending on your preferences, you can learn from more used languages, like Spanish and French, Portuguese etc.
  • It would be good to be able to go over the alphabet or basic grammar.
  • Good at catching mistakes and giving you the word again and again until it sticks. Eventually you unlock full sentences and chat with fluent speakers.
  • Reading, spelling pronunciation everything is taken care of this app.
  • This helps you to connect sentences and be able to plug in different words in.
  • It has great GUI and good repetitive exercises that help a lot in learning a foreign language.


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