7 Android Spy app that makes you most genius part-1

Hello Friends, Now a days almost people use Android Mobile, In this post we’ll learn 7 Android Spy app that makes you most genius and you should try this. It’s very useful for your daily life, Let’s start one by one-

7 Android Spy app that makes you most genius part-1

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1. GPS Phone Tracker: This is one of best android app to track your mobile location either your love partner, kids or family member

GPS Phone Tracker

2. Calculator Vault-Gallery Lock: This app is used to protect your file or data from unauthorized access. For example – picture, video or audio.

This app looks like a calculator since you put your pin then only you see your Gallery data.

Calculator Vault-1


3. Alfred- DIY Home Security Camera: It’s provide your phone into home security cameras, by using this app You may access your house or business from anywhere. Because of popularity of this app having more than 5 million downloads.

Alfred Camera


4. MM Guardian Parent App: This app works great for monitoring your child’s phone and help to see how much time your kids spending on their mobile. 

MMGuardian Parent App


5. Ultimate EMF Detector: This is an amazing app, You might seen it in movies and generally use to detect the magnetic device like hidden microphone, speaker etc.


Ultimate EMF Detector-1



Ultimate EMF Detector-2


6: Call Box: It does record automatically your all incoming and outgoing call from your phone

Callbox-Automatic call recoder-1


7. Background Video Recoder: You may record video in background while using your phone normally also it’s having feature to backup your video to Google Drive.


Background Video recoder

Note: Please remember don’t use this apps for an illegal purpose

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